Residential Locksmith Services
in Durango, CO

man putting in residential door lockBelles Lock and Key provides the homeowners of Durango with excellent service regarding the locks on the exterior and interior of their home.

Exterior Door Locks

Few things are more important for the security of your home than a sturdy lock for your exterior doors. This includes front and back doors as well as your garage. If you need new locks put on a brand new door, we have the latest in keyed lock technology. We install doorknobs, deadbolts, and screen locks. Belles Lock and Key also fixes existing locks when they jam, fail to work, or break. This can sometimes be easier than replacing the lock entirely. Complex systems of pins and bolts are uniquely combined in every lock to fit only your key. If you prefer, we can also install number pad combination locks. These can work well if you tend to lose your keys, but require you to remember a combination and ensure the wrong person doesn’t find out the combination. We will help you find a lock system that is right for you.

Interior Locks

Belles Lock and Key also installs, repairs, and services interior locks for homes. These can include bedroom and bathroom door locks, combination locks for safes, and portable locks for cases and chests. These are basic locks that can be easily opened, but provide privacy for your rooms and belongings.


Belles Lock and Key also makes extra keys for any lock in your home. These can provide extra sets for other family members or roommates and give you a spare key in case you lose one. Call us and we will make arrangements to have your copies made.

Locksmith Services

Getting locked out of your home can be stressful, inconvenient, and uncomfortable. If you’ve lost your keys or locked them inside, don’t panic; call Belles Lock and Key. Our experienced locksmiths can often gain access to a home within minutes.