Automotive Locksmith Services
in Durango, CO

car keysBelles Lock and Key understands the inconvenience and frustration that comes with locking yourself out of your vehicle. We offer a full array of automotive lock and key services.

Unlocking Vehicles

Our locksmiths can quickly unlock your car when you’ve accidently left your keys in the car. If the lock is broken, we can repair it. We also repair ignitions when needed.

Computer Chip Keys

Many cars today require a computer chip key/transponder key for the vehicle to start. We provide mobile car key programming services. We stock many programmable key blanks and have the most recent computer software available.

Laser Cut KeysLaser cut keys

We have the technology and equipment necessary to create or duplicate laser cut keys.

Duplicate Keys

If your spouse, family member, or friend needs keys to your vehicle or you just want a spare set for yourself, Belles Lock and Key can create duplicate keys. Bring in the key and we can make a copy within a few minutes.

Replace Lost Keys

If you have lost your keys, Belles Lock and Key can create replacement keys so you can get back into your vehicle. This may require changing door locks or ignition, but we can do that to match your existing key.

Replacement Remotes

We also sell replacement car remotes to restore the convenience of locking and unlocking your car from a distance.