Commercial Locksmith Services
in Durango, CO

pile of commercial keysBelles Lock and Key provides professional lock solutions for commercial applications in any industry.

Office Door Locks

If you’ve been locked out of your office doors or you need new office door locks, Belles Lock and Key provides those services. Whether the doors are interior or exterior, we install secure locks for every door. If this is part of new construction or simply an update, our locks provide the latest technology while working smoothly throughout several locks and unlocks.


If you need to rekey existing locks due to a change in your employee team, security threats, or other reasons, Belles Lock and Key can create locks that open with new keys to provide renewed security and safety. This can be done on exterior and interior doors for reception areas, office suites, closets, restrooms, and more.

Master Key Systems

It can be convenient to have a master key system, as one key will open any door. It can also provide increased security by controlling access to secure areas for some keys, but providing access to multiple areas with other keys.

Duplicate Keys

If you’re adding new employees, offering employees additional responsibilities, or need an extra set of keys, our locksmith can produce duplicate keys for any lock in your place of work. Call us if you need keys copied and receive as many additional keys as you need within minutes.

Electronic Access Control

Sometimes, it is preferable to have an alternate method of entry other than a key. Electronic access controls can include keypad combination entry or swipe card entry. These systems will ensure only those who know the code or have an authorized swipe card can enter the premises. These can be programmed to coordinate with as many entrances and doors as you need. In case of a breach or any issues with the system, our staff will be on call to troubleshoot or reprogram the system as quickly as possible.

Commercial Grade Padlocks and Combination Locks

Belles Lock and Key also provides padlocks and combination locks for lockers, toolboxes, cases, and cabinets. These are portable and can secure small or large areas. If you forget the combination or lose a key, our team can recalibrate the lock with a new key or combination.


Belles Lock and Key sells safes with both key and combination locks. We install safes as well as sell portable safes. If you need the combination or key lock changed, we can handle that for you. Our sturdy locking mechanisms open with ease and close securely so your valuables stay safe.